Dr Roger Tucker

Roger Tucker Welcome to the new Outside Echo website. Outside Echo was a not-for-profit company founded in 2003 to take forward some of my ideas on digital inclusion. This website is now becoming a more general repository for my various interests.

My latest project, the Roots of Design, is attempting to uncover the very roots of how everything comes into existence. The first step has been to study the analogies and contrasts between the two great systems of creation - Technology and Nature, and to attempt to put them into a unified framework.

The Industrial History Archive is that of my father Prof D G Tucker, an accomplished engineer, academic and industrial historian. It is the latter that is his enduring legacy to the world, and so I have put together an easily accessible archive of his very extensive work.

I have used my own note-taking technology to capture the public CiS Bristol lectures of respected scientists who integrate their Christian faith with their science.

And finally, I have told the story of the two major projects that Outside Echo undertook, the legacies of which are very much alive today.