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As the new millenium arrived, Speech and Language Technology (SLT) was starting to provide an alternative interface to information systems, offering great promise for those in the developing world unable to access mainstream IT. But SLT companies were only slowly expanding their repetoire of languages, each new language requiring resources and expertise that was hard to obtain and uneconomic to maintain. Surely the long term solution was for the language technology expertise and resources to be in the country where the language was spoken and available for everyone's benefit.

The object of the Local Language Speech Technology Initiative (LLSTI) was to incubate centres of SLT expertise around the world, focusing on developing and applying the technology to address information access issues in those countries. Whilst it succeeded in doing this during the years it ran, with all the partners becoming established in their own right, LLSTI unfortunately did not find a way of sustaining the initiative long-term.

On these pages you will find the output of the initiative. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to maintain the downloads as Festival has developed, so they will need updating to work with the current version. It may also be worth directly contacting the LLSTI partner who developed the language.




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